The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

imgresWanna be Benjamin Franklin??

Well, it seems there’s an app for that!

I’m not kidding i just found it out, if you have an iPhone/iPad you can download (it’s free) the app Ben’s Virtues, it’s a simulation of his notepad for the practice of his 13 virtues.
Good luck in disciplining yourselves :D

As for the book itself, I mostly enjoyed the first half (his trips and adventures as a young man and his attitude to people and situations) whereas the second part I found sometimes too exhaustive in details and some other times too…inconceivably exhaustive in details! Why would anyone devote a whole paragraph of his autobiography to describe the EXACT contents of each parcel of the presents of the subalterns of a certain camp? And a whole PAGE after explaining that whole decision-making process for that…

The second part which should be the most important(his mature life) tends to be the most tiresome, giving emphasis in many trivial aspects of his life while omitting more important ones.