Homo Evolutis

2940013272705_p0_v1_s260x420Watch some of Juan Enriquez presentations and you may notice the following: Short sentence. Pause. Short sentence. Silence. Then a fact (quote, picture or number) is introduced and the audience laughs.

More into his talk and again: short sentence, pause, short sentence, silence. Fact. Only this time the audience remains silent. In wonder, disbelief, awe. Of that mind-boggling scientific discovery that was just revealed. And casually and calmly the speaker goes on to say this happened in that lab, it is currently in experimental stage, but well in a couple of years such and such will happen therefore it’s not so difficult to imagine it applied to humans in order to solve this particular problem. And then he usually hints: why not imagine that discovery going even further, not just helping mankind (e.g. restoring health) but enhancing/upgrading mankind too?

Enter Homo Evolutis. Fascinating.

I really enjoy Juan Enriquez style and his insights and I do love science and technology.
So how could this book go wrong?

First of all, I believe it tried to imitate that same speaking style which is not easy on paper. It can be tiring, I found it rather unpleasant. Especially in the introduction where not many unknown or exiting things were mentioned. Actually I was confident it was only a humorous attempt to start off the book and then a normal main essay would follow. Alas. It was all like that, very strange in style indeed. I was expecting an essay and what I got was a series of questions, statements, facts, sometimes left unanswered, sometimes answered in a provocative way, sometimes answered with humor. It would still be great stimulation and great food for thought except…except nothing much was new.

And here is my biggest complaint. If you have watched some of the author’s talks there are not many more things you will learn by this book. There is no further elaboration on this subject, no philosophical discussion about the impact of this kind of progress on society, even the examples used are the same. Admittedly you will learn some new (and interesting) facts but not enough to justify even the low (2.99€) price of this e-book. In my opinion I believe you will be better off going on YouTube or TED and enjoy the author presenting these ideas himself or/and wait for the eventual hardcover to be published.